May the Force be with You

"... the Force is what gives a Jedi his power. It's an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us; it binds the galaxy together."
―Obi-Wan Kenobi —

Monday, March 7, 2016

Self Reliance

While self reliance is usually understood to be a positive quality, I believe it is generally misunderstood. Many take it as self-sufficient but this word is totally misleading, and in fact can not be. I have heard of men who have gone into the wilderness and lived for some years without human contact, perhaps they may be called self-sufficient but only for a short while, and even then they were only able to do what they did as a result of the teachers they had and the tools made by others. Humans need community, and upon the community we rely. It is our nature.  Within this context self reliance has a positive understanding when referring to the confidence one has as we come to know and manifest our "true" self.

Community exists at every level from the Family to all of humankind and beyond. Without community we die. Though the body exists we are dead on the inside. It is only within a community that we may achieve true happiness; that is, the feeling of self fulfillment.  However, many have forgotten this truth or perhaps never even properly understood its meaning which has lead to the predicament we have. Gaia is hurting. I believe she will survive, but many question if humans as well as many other species will. In the past I may have taken this position, but today I am convinced that it is our destiny to create, as Charles Eisenstein puts it, "the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible" and communities like TJT (Transition Joshua Tree) are the reason why.   We are in transition. As Elizabet Satouris  suggests we are like the hungry caterpillar  consuming everything it can until it ceases and ultimately becomes the beautiful butterfly.  In the human realm change is often resisted and therefore may be painful, but it need not be so if we embrace it with the faith of a child and the Love that is the essence of who we are.

Separate we are alone, together we are a community.  The local community is necessary - it nourishes the body, mind and soul, but the ultimate goal must be the connection with all Life - with Gaia herself. If we consider the intelligence at the cellular level connected to every other cell in the body communicating to create the amazing thing called the human we must be humbled; yet it is in this way as we join with others that we will bring about that "beautiful world".  Be the change!
May the Force be with you,

Figuring Things Out

I got a new phone and I expect my experience is not unique. In fact, I believe it represents a universal human experience - understanding how something works.  of course, how people feel about the process varies.  Some people avoid anything new, perhaps, because they do not enjoy figuring things out; others love it - they can hardly wait, and even stand in line to get it first. How will it be different? Will it really change the way I do something, maybe even the way I think. Most of us are somewhere between these extremes.

I was happy enough with my old phone which definitely has a learning curve, at least for me. It was my first "smart" phone although I was familiar with the touch screen from having an iPad. Also, it was an iPhone and so it was a familiar operating system. I would still be using it except for the fact that the rural location I am in does not receive all the networks. The one I had worked sometimes but very slowly and even the phone was uncertain. Then a friend came with a phone that worked great with excellent speeds so a logical choice was to change. The only challenge was that I had to get a new phone. Well, actually I didn't have to but the cost would have been crazy for me, and I couldn't wait to look for a reasonably priced used iPhone since my current plan was expiring the next day. I didn't believe it was reasonable to pay another month for something that wasn't working when I could actually pay less for something that did and get a free phone.

So here I am having to figure it out again. as I thought about this I realized that this is the essence of the "Journey". From birth and before we are taking in data that our amazing brains make sense of and we "learn", and its always a unique experience for everyone. Unfortunately, our natural desire to learn, to know, to understand is often not encouraged, and many resign themselves to ignorance because they have come to believe they are unable to know or understand many things; yet examples abound of those who refused to accept the labels of society. Often, less educated formally, they pursue their desire with a thirst for the knowledge they need.  Sometimes known but usually not, these people abound. Generally, I enjoy learning but for some reason I'm not feeling it right now with this phone. Besides, Android? Robots with human form? Are they serious or is it just a joke. I would like to know that. Maybe I'll look it up on wikipedia. I'm sure they'll know.

Of course, figuring out a phone is trivial compared to the bigger questions such as, who am I, what is my purpose in life and how to be happy.  Many ancient traditions have addressed these questions in some manner for thousands of years, and today, books, movies, music and the Internet do as well; yet the number of unhappy people especially in America seems to be increasing based on a variety of indicators.  Nevertheless, there is also ample evidence everywhere that Transition is taking place. On the margins of nearly every institution are those pioneers paving the way, while in small communities everywhere people are joining together with the simple belief that we are all connected and there is a better way to live.  "Won't you join us"!

Be the Change!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015


      "Time slips away..." goes the song. This describes a feeling of course, since where could it go?  Some say time is a dimension, others say an illusion. Even science doesn't seem to have a very clear understanding.  Regardless, we use it in various ways that may be helpful or not, and it is hard for me to believe it has been 9 months since my last post. After reading it again I am amazed by how relevant it is to the period since then. 
     Usually I am writing about the ideas that have been on my mind. Then, it was about being "in the flow" and allowing the universe to guide me. I believe most people have from time to time experiences that reflect a "letting go" attitude though they may not realize it. Most often we attribute it to "luck" or coincidence.  As I became more conscious of my thoughts and their relationship to events in my life I realized the "connection".  The challenge, that I have spoken of before, is with the "ego-self" who believes it must have a plan and  always be in control. This is learned behavior and is generally counterproductive to happiness and fulfillment.  When I wrote "Resistance is Futile " this is the understanding that I had come to, after which it becomes a matter of remembering. It is remembering that I am connected to and part of that universal consciousness known by many names, and that the Force underlying all that exists is best known as Love;  i.e. "God is Love".  As we let go amazing things begin to happen, and the more we surrender to our higher self the more we experience that sense of connection- of being in the flow. Lucille DancingWind puts it nicely:
     "When we're in alignment with our true nature, we’re able to recognize the                                    miraculous everywhere. We realize that miracles are a natural occurrence. Our heightened perspective allows us to receive even greater demonstrations of the mystical and the possible.  We experience the realm of our sacred hearts."

     Thus during these past months my Journey has been a confirmation of the truth of acceptance and surrender. I have been guided to a new home in Joshua Tree, California surrounded by the solitude of the high desert.  I have had a "vision" to create a model for sustainable living that may be achieved by anyone regardless of financial circumstances. I will write more about this as it manifests.  Generally, I am persuaded by the view of Nader Khalili and others that shelter can be created from the earth beneath our feet as well as providing the food we need even here in the desert. I am learning about permaculture that I believe must ultimately replace the rape of Gaia by corporate agriculture.  Another recent inspiration has been Charles Eisenstein's latest book "The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible" (highly recommend). He refers to the old story of separation, competition, conquest and control versus the "new" story of connection, cooperation and caring.  We have created a reality totally incongruous with our true nature.  It may be said that it is the cause of most suffering in the world today including that of Mother Earth, Gaia herself.

     There is the view that we are evolving as a species and like the caterpillar we have been consuming voraciously.  Perhaps the millions of us throughout the world who are awakening are creating the Chrysalis out of which the beautiful beings we are will emerge as truly "free spirits".  The more beautiful world will not be brought about by governments but by each one one of us manifesting their true self, your purpose, your destiny.  Everyone is important, everyone makes a difference.  Even though you may not feel this way believe it is true and follow you heart. The universe will support you in ways you cannot imagine.


Be The Change

Love is the answer
Peace is the Way

Joshua Tree 

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Resistance is futile

The idea of non-resistance is not new, although for many individuals it is.  Growing up in a Christian environment submitting to the will of God was part of the teaching, but it was never clear to me what was meant.  Those who chose a religious profession would speak of a "calling" and submitting to God's will, but what about everyone else. Years later as I explored the wisdom of the East I learned about the principle of non-resistance.  Eventually, I realized that non-resistance and submission were the same thing.

Whenever I think about this idea I am reminded of the well known refrain from the Star Trek series "resistance is futile".  In this case it referred to the power of the Borg, but I sensed that it had a more universal meaning.  Historically Power has always tried to convince people that they should be submissive, yet there have always been those who have chosen not to.  Freedom, although understood in many different ways, has always been a force in human evolution and has always eventually met the resistance of domination.  The benefits of violent revolution if any are short lived.  A popular view holds that our evil nature dooms us (until ?).

For me, and I expect for many others, the notion of competition never felt right, yet the culture I lived in embraced this idea in every way. What was I not getting? The cultural revolution of the 60's and 70's expressed another view - cooperation and caring as an expression of Love. Communal living became widespread and some people began to recognize that we are all connected. It could be said that seeds were planted then that are now bearing fruit. Literally millions of voices are proclaiming an unprecedented shift in human consciousness. What does this mean?

The Emperor's New Clothes is a favorite metaphor that describes the illusion that most people describe as "reality".  We are taught that the world is a certain way and accept what we are told because everyone says so despite the fact that most people have some experience that doesn't correspond to the accepted view.  We may ignore the experience and continue to go along with the "teaching".  Others may express the inner conflict with "unacceptable" behavior resulting in being labeled a misfit, most often a criminal or crazy. I believe depression is most often the consequence of the conflict between "the story" we are taught and the inner truth we feel but are unable to express.  In the story everyone pretends to see the invisible clothes until a child says, "the king is naked".  Perhaps the "flower children" were like the child in the story as they proclaimed the futility of materialism and war, and reminded us of the tyranny of big government and corporations.

As humans everywhere begin to comprehend the truth that has always been understood by a few the phrase "resistance is futile" makes sense, for it is the resistance to the truth that enslaves us and in effect is useless. It is useless because as we reject the truth of our true nature and the nature of the universe we are unable to experience the peace, joy and fulfillment that comes from this recognition.  Awakened, conscious or enlightened all refer to the realization that all life is connected to and the expression of the Universal Consciousness and is sacred.  The world we have created is the result of a story we've been told.  It is a false story because it denies our true nature of Love that is even expressed in the Bible by the statements of being created in God's image and "God is Love".

With this understanding we may begin to experience "the flow".  It is the feeling that comes from knowing that you are right where you need to be and it's all good. This is non-resistance.  There will always be challenges but this is the way we learn, and as we do unimaginable experiences begin to "happen".  Don't take my word for it.  Give up. "Won't you join us?"  Resistance is futile! 

Go with the flow!  May the Force be with You!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


I am waiting, yet experience continues.  If I am present I am able to see the beauty in-spite of the constant reminders that humanity is struggling, as I am, to understand its place in the universe.  I am on a journey.  Today, I am here surrounded by newly planted rice fields that create a sea of green.  Traffic is constantly going by as I am at a busy intersection with highway 99 north of Sacramento. I did not intentionally choose this spot to spend 5 days.  The vehicle I was driving chose this spot by surrendering the bearing for the main idler-pulley without which the vehicle can no longer operate.  This occurred at about 5pm on a Friday as most businesses were closing for the weekend that may have been able to provide the part I needed.  I called my friend 75 miles north of me where I was ultimately headed.  I informed of my situation after which he made inquires.  His results were the same as mine - nothing would happen until Monday. Thus began a 3 night stay.  Fortunately, I had all I needed to live comfortably. My friend volunteered to get the part and bring it to me which I thought would be the plan.  

However, I would soon learn that the solution to my situation would be simpler than I had imagined and I already thought that was good fortune since it could have been much more precarious.  After it cooled a bit Saturday evening I took a bike ride only to discover a Catapillar parts and service shop (the type of engine I have) a mile from where I was parked. Wow! I said to myself, the Universe (say God if you like) provides.  The realization of this understanding is an unfolding process since we must reprogram ourselves from beliefs that we are in control.  This is often not an easy process having been brought up on the importance of self-reliance and similar notions.  These ideas regulate our behavior at a sub-conscious level meaning we must learn to operate more from a state of consciousness.  It has been said that perhaps 95% of the daily activity is performed at the sub-conscious or unconscious level.  From my own experience I do not find this difficult to believe.

It is these experiences that confirm for me the truths that so many now seem to be embracing; that as a species humanity is at a most significant juncture in its long evolutionary process.  It is as amazing as the metamorphosis of the caterpillar into the butterfly.  The analogy is so apt (I didn't think of it) since the environmental destructiveness that caterpillars can inflict is not unlike the human activities which likewise can be devastating though on a far larger scale.  But we are nearly full.  Having consumed voraciously we are about to fly. For the caterpillar we might say it is instinct which determines when it attaches itself to a branch and and creates the chrysalis.  While there have throughout history been beautiful beings who have shown us the way, it is only now that it is happening on a massive scale.  Many point to the role of technology in the worldwide connections being made, and while this is significant it is more than this.  The Internet only reflects the interest of those who use it. It is possible to use the Internet a great deal and be unaware that dramatic change is taking place in the world.  People are becoming aware by the millions.  The idea in  Ghandi's famous quote, "be the change you wish to see in the world" is transforming our basic beliefs.  We are realizing the power of consciousness and connection.  Even mainstream science is on the verge of recognizing these principles. The world is changing.

Though I didn't realize at the time I took the photo, my salvation was in the distance.  I believe it may be true that the solution to every problem is only a matter of "seeing" it.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Denial Of Love

It is my belief that The United States has come to the point in its history when the denial of certain fundamental truths is manifesting itself in the form of suffering throughout the world.  The cause of the suffering did not begin with the founding of this country.  It could be argued that the seeds of our current dilemma were sewn more than two millennium ago when the matriarchal foundations of civilization were gradually subsumed by authoritarian patriarchal societies.  Nevertheless the journey of humanity, just as it is for every soul who walks upon the earth," is what it is".  The key to understanding is to learn.  Ironically, while science has acquired vast knowledge of the physical universe in which we live it has failed to understand the true nature of man -- until now.  Historically science has accepted that its methods could only apply to that which can be observed and the human spirit was not in that category, which was the domain of religion.  However the religion of western civilization, the so-called Judaeo Christian tradition, had become an authoritarian patriarchal institution itself and was primarily motivated by the desire for power rather than the spiritual evolution of the individual.  As nation-states expanded their domain through conquest and colonization with the support and collaboration of the church, the spiritual nature of human evolution was manipulated by religious dogma to support the top down monarchical system.  The world today is the consequence of this journey.   

It has become clear to me that all the problems we face as a global community stem from the denial of our true nature of Love. This fact is increasingly being realized though there have always been those (such as indigenous people) who have had this understanding.  Today the center of global domination is the U.S., and so it is we in particular who must awaken to the truths of which I and many others speak.  To the extent that we do not respond to the crisis at hand  suffering will increase. Many scenarios portray this hopeless vision yet the choice is ours. Do we choose Love or fear?  A simple question to which most people would respond by agreeing that it would be better if we acted from Love, yet don't believe it can be that way.  "There is too much evil in the world", they might say.  We have created a society based on fear.  We have been "programmed" in countless subtle and sometimes not so subtle ways to behave.  To not behave (out of fear of the consequences) in ways that are deemed acceptable is to invoke the wrath of the "Empire".  

By now if you have read my previous blogs you may be saying that I am repeating myself.  Perhaps I do have a one-track mind since wherever I start I seem to end up at the same place:
     Love is the answer
     Be the Change
     Peace is the Way

The better world we seek will come about as a result of each of us becoming aware that we are the answer.  The truth is that we are by nature beings of Love. Studies now show this and a most compelling movie "I Am" makes this very clear.  As we begin to express our true nature as caring and compassionate beings with those with whom we are around each day the energy of Love will grow.  As I have said before this is not easy because so much of what we believe is based on fear, but we must do it and we can. Whatever ones circumstances it is possible to transform a situation of despair, hopelessness, suffering or anger with the power of Love.  Each day commit yourself to listening to your Heart for this is the source of Love and embrace the attitude of gratitude.  The more I practice these principles the more natural it becomes and the experience of peace and joy grows in proportion.  Discover your truth.  There is nothing more important!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Live Simply

Live simply, that others may simply live.  When I first saw this injunction I realized that it embodied the basic truth that everything is connected.  This understanding can be a powerful force for bringing about change both inwardly and outwardly as well as locally and globally.  Personally it motivates me to thoughtfully consider my choices with respect to the impact on others and indeed our Mother the earth.  This is not easy since most people reading this will have evolved in a culture that they were told was God's gift to mankind, to do with what they wanted.  Even though we now know in our hearts this is wrong, nevertheless  the process towards equality, freedom and justice, ideals we have always held to be valid, is not easy.  Again, the difficulty is not related to governments or corporations changing their ways.  It is the challenge of awakening millions of people from their slumber.  

As I've mentioned before I am greatly encouraged by changes taking place already.  There is a greater awareness by many especially younger people of the importance of cooperation instead of competing for ones self-interest.  More people understand the concept of ecosystem and the connectedness of all life on the planet particularly within the environmental/conservation movement. Sustainability has become a word used more and more frequently in every context most significantly with regard to the question of life itself.  Yet the challenges of implementation are complex, mainly because it now involves over 7 billion humans who's lives are becoming more and more intertwined.

It is not logical to imagine that it would be better if we all lived off the "grid", but it is reasonable to imagine that our amazing technology if applied appropriately  can be helpful. It is also reasonable to imagine that we can become more conscious of our "carbon footprint" and make changes to our habitual patterns.  As an example:  When I was young everyone had a clothesline and they  used it.  Today they are seldom seen in many neighborhoods.  Dryers consume lots of energy whether gas or electric.  Granted that dryers are convenient but hanging clothes to dry does not reduce ones standard of living. It does involve a little more time but if our lives are so rushed that we can't do basic chores then probably there are bigger issues that need to be worked out. As you can see we once again have come to the place where the world we want depends on each of us changing to be in harmony with a world that is just and sustainable.  In Sanskrit the word "prama" refers to a dynamic balance that is seen readily in the natural world but is just as relevant at every level of human existence.